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Grill Guards Can Defend and Camouflage Rock Chips


If you purchased a used truck or sport utility vehicle, don’t be discouraged if the front end has some dings. It happens! You might even have a brand new vehicle that has seen its fair share of abuse from dirt roads or driving behind semi-trucks on the highway. While others may not necessarily notice these chips when they look at your vehicle, you know they are there, and that’s all that matters. 

Instead of waiting for damage to happen to your new vehicle, adding a Dee Zee Grill Guard can help defend against ugly damage marks. These customized Grill Guards can also camouflage a vehicle that has already encountered some damage on the road. Don’t let the blemishes get you down. Dee Zee has the answer to regain your vehicle’s visual appeal. 

Grill Guards – Black on Black 

The bright shine of a Stainless Steel Grill Guard can add an eye-popping accessory. If you have a black truck or SUV, you definitely want to check out our UltraBlack Grill Guards as a fan favorite. The matte black finish gives a subtle, yet imposing look for the front end. Your vehicle is ready stare down adversity with the ultimate protection of a full-wrap 1.5” diameter tubular design. Take the time to wrap your vehicle with a Dee Zee Grill Guard. Pre-drilled holes provide a mounting place for add-on auxiliary lights, while your vehicle is protected by rugged 18-gauge steel.


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